Where has the Rap Style gone in Hip Hop?

Where did the Rap Style go in Hip Hop? That’s a good question! From the beginning of this underground art form we call Hip Hop every MC to touch a microphone had their own style that separated them from average MC. I mean when Rakim rocked the mic you knew it was him just from his voice and delivery (His style). That’s what made hip hop so pure and so ill back then because of all the different styles and different energy’s.

It was similar to the game Mortal Combat , every level you have a different style and technic to defend against. I mean I can take it back to Melle Mel (his voice and flow was one of a kind), LL (Raw B-Boy style), Run and DMC (different yet complimented each other), Chuck D! (Best voice ever) 3 X Dope, Just Ice, EPMD, Kool G Rap, KRS, Kane, MC Lyte, Q-Tip, Special Ed, Biz, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, The D.O.C, Scarface, the list goes on and on. I can fast forward a little to Snoop, E-40, Big Boi, Das Effects, 1992 Busta Ryhmes (Senerio Remix, still one of the illest verses ever!), the whole Wu Tang! All of those brotha’s had styles of their own.  Big, Pac, Pun, Prodigy, Nas, Hova, DMX, Mystical even Lil Kim had unique styles.

Fast forward to the rap game now. It’s a whole new breed of rappers these days. Everyone thinks they’re a rapper and making a catchy hook and writing below average rhymes are pretty much the standard. The demographic of the culture has changed as well. Everyone all over the world is following the catchy hook weak rhyme philosophy. It’s the world we live in now. Just look at all these reality shows, what happen to the actor? All you have to do now is be a dysfunctional A-Hole and Hollywood is calling. Sad! (The average joe is getting money and that’s cool, good for us but where does corny chaotic bs stop?)

 These TV Producers are making millions of dollars off of people’s ignorance. The scary thing is that Americans love it. As long as it makes money then so be it. Same with Hip Hop, these record labels are making millions off no talented artist with no substance. Now there are a few rappers that still have a rap style and can actually rap in this sea of a million wack rappers! The Young Money crew (Well not anymore) gets busy! Weezy (stepped his lyrics up, now mastered his own style)) has an all-star squad, Nicki (Stupid dumb nice)and Drake alone! They all have witty lyrics which I love, it’s refreshing! ASAP Rocky and his crew, K. Lamar, J. Cole and a few more. 

Rick Ross and his crew (Wale, Meek despite the Drake beef) is nice but he’s a little older and knows what its take to be thoro. So is Kanye, TI and I really don’t consider them in that new breed of rapper category. Let me clarify something; not every one is going to spit vicious rhymes and be super nice with the wordplay, everyone is different but have some substance and your own identity (meaning style) and take your time when creating music. The real elite artist is dying a slow death! MAKE GOOD MUSIC, matter of fact make a good album! I’m not saying no names, you know who you are! Radio Stations, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Hip Hop is ours, lets take it back.

Yours truly,

Terminal SD (I’m so sick with it)

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