Manning roars into the Super Bowl!

Is it just me or does Peyton have that Dog in his eye this year?

He just seems like a man on a mission, a calm to him as to which he has everything under control, like there’s no situation he can’t handle.


It’s like he’s finally figured everything out, zoned in, like Bruce Lee in Chinese Connection when he finally got the glow.

What a season, all the stats, all the doubters about weather and playoffs, hopefully the Football God’s will shine on him one last time on Feb 2nd  to shut everyone up once and for all.


And if the Bronco’s are indeed victorious, he’s hands down the greatest QB to ever walk the face of the earth! Lets go Peyton! You’ve earned it and truly deserve it.




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GOOD vs EVIL? Peyton vs Brady?

Is it just me or is Peyton vs Brady and Belichick like Good vs Evil? Superman vs Lex Luther, USA vs Russia in the 70’s and 80’s! Just saying everyone is rooting for Manning to take down his arch nemesis the Evil Genius Bill Belichick and the passive aggressive pretty boy Tom Terrific and the Patriot way.

It’s kind of like Sensei and Johnny of the Cobra Kai in the movie Karate Kid beating up on poor Danielson until he finally fights back and does the infamous Crane kick to finish Johnny at the end. Most people are pulling for Peyton this weekend, he’s a class act, never has a bad word to say about anyone just goes out there and handles his business.

Everyone is sick the Patriots at this point, go away please! No one wants to see your boring offense with 2 midget wide-outs. Actually Peyton and the Bronco’s will be doing them a favor by winning because if the Patriots go to the Super Bowl they are going to get smashed by either the Seahawks or 49ers! That will be 3 Super Bowl loses in a row! They will become the new Buffalo Bills after spy gate.

Lets go Peyton it’s your time!

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The Show Down may come! Brady vs Manning AFC Championship- Yes Father

Ok after this weekends Playoffs everything is looking like the Bronco’s and Patriots could meet in the AFC Championship game.
It will be the football equivalent of The Thrilla in Manila! Hagler/ Hearns , you get it. Brady and Manning once again for a chance to advance to the Super Bowl. I believe Manning’s Legacy would be on the line and here’s the reason why; he’s had the best season in NFL history, 55 TD’s, stupid stats and the number 1 seed for the second year in a row with the Bronco’s.

You would be playing your arch nemesis who has basically owned you since the early 2000’s. You have to win this game period! As great as Peyton is he will be known as the guy who could not beat Tom and Bill when it counted and to be honest it’s not fair because if you really do your homework Brady doesn’t have his number its Belichick. It’s not a fair fight, two against one, Manning is his own coach, a one man show. That being said if Brady doesn’t have Bill as his coach would he own Manning? I don’t think so. Belichick is that good in his preparation against Manning, look your talking about arguably the best coach to ever grace an NFL sideline, no disrespect to Lombardi or the Big Tuna but this guy is on another planet.

I’m really starting the believe Bill Bilichick is Darth Vader and Peyton is Luke Skywalker and after Peyton retires he’s going to pull off his hoody on the set of ESPN in front of a national audience and say to Peyton: I am your Father!! (Darth Vader voice) and Manning breaks down crying and they hug. LOL That would be awesome! Ok now back to reality and message to Peyton Manning: This is your year, you are the best player on the planet and you need to let everyone know why! Come out with the Koby face, Black Mamba style, no mercy for the opposition. Lets go! You deserve it young Luke you deserve it!

Terminal SD

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NFL needs to change for the fans too! We pay your salaries

As the NFL’s number one focus is player safety how about helping the fans by not letting them freeze their asses off in negative 15 degree weather anymore. It’s 2014 can you please upgrade each stadium with a retractable roof for extreme in-climate weather? I’m not talking about a little rain or 40 degrees with a light snow but 5 degrees with freezing rain or a blizzard is not fun to watch let alone attend. What a disaster this years New York Super Bowl is going to be, way to go NFL.

In the age of 50 to 80 inch Flatscreen TV’s be careful not to piss off the consumer where everyone will just stay home in December and January and watch the game with their hot wings, case of beer and warm fireplace. As much money as you pay these players every team should be at their best every sunday, Example: When Ringling Brothers Circus comes to town I want to see everyone performing at their best, I don’t want to see the Ring Master slipping and sliding in the lions den and the acrobats with Sheepskin coats and boots on. Boooooo!!!

Terminal SD
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2013 NFL

So what do think of this years NFL? Peyton is MVP for the 5th time. The Super bowl in freezing NY is going to be a disaster!
Roughing the passer has hit a all time low, Pass Interference is a joke, in 10 years the NFL will stand for National Flag League.

Mike Ditka doesn’t know where he’s at half the time on Monday Night Countdown and needs to be removed. ED Reed needs to just retire already.
RGme now knows no one player is bigger than the game, get out the mirror and have some humble pie youngster. Keep the Red Lobster as the Skins coach.

Jerry Jones is delusional and needs to host the Hunger Games! Steve Smith is nuts, I bet Richie Incognito wouldn’t use the N word around him.
The Steelers D is as old as the Empire Strikes back. Bill Bellicheck has the personality of a Hot Dog.

Joe Flacco making 20 million a year is like Snooki winning an Oscar for the Jersey Shore. The Cleveland Browns will always suck!

Terminal SD

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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning for MVP

I think both of these guys are GREAT QB’s as does everyone else on Planet Earth that’s no argument, however I think one is more superior than the other and that’s Peyton. Reason being, Tom has arguable the greastest coach to walk an NFL sideline at his desposal, thats like Mike Tyson and Ali in their prime jumping Larry Holmes in Vegas, we all know Larry was nice but come on!? It’s just NOT FAIR!!

Manning goes to a new team who were pretty much were sorry until he got there (The Tim Tebow thing was a fluke, lets be real). Great story but come on! Manning is doing this with NO help but himself. He’s made a below average team Super Bowl Contenders, they should be called the Denver “Peyton Show” Bronco’s.

I believe if the roles were reversed and you put Brady on the Bronco’s they would be good but not this good, Brady goes to Josh McDaniels after each series and looks at film. Manning huddles everyone up and schools them like a Midget league coach teaching kids, it’s amazing. Peyton is by far the league’s MVP just on that alone. 4 neck surgeries and a new team? 8 wins in a row? Come on!! Peyton is the truth! Shout out to AP as well.

Terminal SD

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Where has the Rap Style gone in Hip Hop?

Where did the Rap Style go in Hip Hop? That’s a good question! From the beginning of this underground art form we call Hip Hop every MC to touch a microphone had their own style that separated them from average MC. I mean when Rakim rocked the mic you knew it was him just from his voice and delivery (His style). That’s what made hip hop so pure and so ill back then because of all the different styles and different energy’s.

It was similar to the game Mortal Combat , every level you have a different style and technic to defend against. I mean I can take it back to Melle Mel (his voice and flow was one of a kind), LL (Raw B-Boy style), Run and DMC (different yet complimented each other), Chuck D! (Best voice ever) 3 X Dope, Just Ice, EPMD, Kool G Rap, KRS, Kane, MC Lyte, Q-Tip, Special Ed, Biz, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, The D.O.C, Scarface, the list goes on and on. I can fast forward a little to Snoop, E-40, Big Boi, Das Effects, 1992 Busta Ryhmes (Senerio Remix, still one of the illest verses ever!), the whole Wu Tang! All of those brotha’s had styles of their own.  Big, Pac, Pun, Prodigy, Nas, Hova, DMX, Mystical even Lil Kim had unique styles.

Fast forward to the rap game now. It’s a whole new breed of rappers these days. Everyone thinks they’re a rapper and making a catchy hook and writing below average rhymes are pretty much the standard. The demographic of the culture has changed as well. Everyone all over the world is following the catchy hook weak rhyme philosophy. It’s the world we live in now. Just look at all these reality shows, what happen to the actor? All you have to do now is be a dysfunctional A-Hole and Hollywood is calling. Sad! (The average joe is getting money and that’s cool, good for us but where does corny chaotic bs stop?)

 These TV Producers are making millions of dollars off of people’s ignorance. The scary thing is that Americans love it. As long as it makes money then so be it. Same with Hip Hop, these record labels are making millions off no talented artist with no substance. Now there are a few rappers that still have a rap style and can actually rap in this sea of a million wack rappers! The Young Money crew gets busy! Weezy (stepped his lyrics up, now mastered his own style)) has an all-star squad, Nicki (Stupid dumb nice)and Drake alone! They all have witty lyrics which I love, it’s refreshing!

Rick Ross is nice but he’s a little older and knows what its take to be thoro. So is Kayne (musical genius by the way), TI and Eminem, I really don’t consider them in that new breed of rapper category. Let me clarify something; not every one is going to spit vicious rhymes and be super nice with the wordplay, everyone is different but have some substance and your own identity (meaning style) and take your time when creating music. The real elite artist is dying a slow death! MAKE GOOD MUSIC, matter of fact make a good album! I’m not say no names, you know who you are! Radio Stations, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Hip Hop is ours, lets take it back.

Yours truly,

Terminal SD (I’m so sick with it)

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